A note from our founder

Behind the scenes with Elian Studio modern home products

I’m Elian, founder and creative director of Elian studio. I always had a passion for textiles. The colors, textures, and ancient techniques had captured my heart. Textiles are all around us; we wrap our bodies and fill our homes with layers of fabrics. Textiles keep us warm and protected. My goal became very clear; to create unique designs that will make people feel joy and warmth within their special place - their home.

One problem had popped up. I couldn’t separate my designs anymore from how they are made. I began to hear and learn more about how the textile industry is the most Pollutant one. My conscience kept we wake at night; how can I create something that is hearting us and our planet?

I believe in the power of textiles to tell a story. And I have chosen to create designs that are good for the planet and for my customer's WELLBEING without compromising the aesthetics. This is how Elian Studio was born, and our story is that Great taste and conscious living can go together!

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