Long live the craftsmanship of weaving

Nothing can make us feel better than cuddling up with a soft woven fabric, feeling the texture on our skin, the warmth around our bodies, and the comfort of being safe. For thousands of years, humans use textiles in the form of protection and pleasure. Some of them include clothing, home decor, arts, jewelry, and the list goes on.  Today, several techniques create a fabric, but the most ancient one (and our favorite) is WEAVING. 

Weaving fabric on the loom
Photo by Kelly Lacy.

Weaving is a method in which two sets of yarns (warp and weft) are combined on a loom to form a cloth. They are findings of woven fabrics from 27,000 years ago that proves without a doubt that weaving embedded in our life's for a very long time. Weaving was mostly the craft of women when every fabric was hand made with high quality and perfect attention to the tiniest details. All of that changed when the industrial revolution happened in 1760, and weaving lost its magic and prestige. 

Weaving on the loom
Photo by Karolina Grabowska. 

Thanks to the arts and crafts movement and the slow design revaluation, weaving is slowly coming back to its ancient roots. More and more designers are creating low quantity woven fabrics with high quality materials and great designs. We are excited to be a part of this and bring back alive the old belief that weaving is a piece of art, a one kind treasure that can bring so much JOY and pleasure to a person's life. So long live the craftsmanship of weaving.   

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