Sustainability guide for beginners

Have you ever been in a conversation about sustainability, and you weren't quite sure what it is all about? We got your back! Here's a simple guide about what sustainability is and how you can amplify it in your life.

What is sustainability? According to the Oxford dictionary, sustainability is; "avoidance of the depletion of natural resources to maintain ecological balance." Although there many definitions of sustainability, we can all agree that sustainability refers to our relationship with our plant's natural sources. Unfortunately, that relationship had worsened over the years, leaving our plant with the pollution that grows by the minute and a climate crisis that affects many people's lives.

So what can we do?
Are you wondering how you can live a sustainable life? There a few options that you can explore, and we wrote it down for you!

1. Recycling

Recycling is your best friend! Try to give an extra minute and sort your trash to the object you can recycle! This action will reduce the amount of waste in our world as recycled items are often re-used! (Isn't it great?)

2. Planting plants

Besides adding a great style to our homes, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. Also, plants remove toxins for air - up to 87% of the volatile organic compound every 24 hours! The greener, the better!

3. Buy local

Buying local help the environment because it doesn't create a large carbon footprint! Support your local community!

4. Buy second hand

" somebody's trash is another's treasure."
Unfortunately, in the age of fast living and fast consumption, the amount of trash is huge! Try to buy second hand; you will be surprised by how many high-quality stuff there are!

Btw, did you know are woven throws are locally made in North Carolina with 75% recycled cotton? Oh, and we send our products in compostable mailers! We do everything that we can to ensure a minimal impact on our plant! To learn more read our approach.  

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