DIY edition - Textile Art.

I’m so happy to share this post because it took me almost 3 months to finish this piece and I couldn’t be more pleased with it finally hanging on Yotam and I wall!

Art is the best way to upgrade your space and what could be better than making your masterpiece? 

I found so many good paintings but none of them was exactly what I have wanted for our living room, the colors weren’t exactly what I have wanted, the shapes were off so long story short, I have decided to make our textile art. 

making your own textile art
DIY decor


Making your patch work is super easy all you need to do is:

  1. Sketch what you what to do, in our case I knew I only what to work with 2 colors and abstract shapes. 
  2. Choose the fabrics you what to work with, I would defiantly go with thicker fabrics as you may what to stretch them on frame.
  3. Measure the size you wish your background will be.
  4. Cute the shapes you have chosen to do, you may do them first on a paper and then on the fabric itself. 
  5. Sewing time! I sew mine by hand so this is why it took me almost 3 months to finish.
  6. Stretch your fabric on a frame.
  7. Hang it on the wall.


DIY textile art

And that’s it, your done! This is a process but it is so worth it!


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