Where can I find this? Aka tips for living room decoration

It's been a while since I have written a blog post.
Many changes happened as I slowly began to expand my passion not only for textiles but for interior design in general. Something in the idea of creating a whole space just excites me so much, the ability to tell a story and creating a vibrant and unique for someone just makes my heart go wild!

I LOVE the combination of different textures and materials.
I also love round shapes, I think it gives a warmth into the space. You could say that I’m attached to my feminine side but I believe that having those kinds of shapes in your space makes you feel more at ease and a sense of being held. Even when I have chosen a geometric shape, the texture on them is very amorphic and round.
I always love to combine soft colors as the light-washed green tile with bold colors like the black and white rug and black and white piece of art.

elian Monjack interior decorator, where can I find cool stuff for my living room


Sofa, rug, side table. Coffee table and lamp are from CB2


Tiles are from cletile 


Light brown sofa chair is from Studio Mattias Stenberg 



In the next blog posts, I will interview artists and designers that I admire, giving you the story behind their art, I will post inspiration boards for how I would decorate a space and where can you find those items, and of course tips on DIY.


If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you!

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